About Me

Creating with my Heart and Soul

Welcome to my world full of passion for creating  whatever comes to mind.

I simply love to create, be it cooking, baking, sewing, drawing, etc.  If it can be made, I give it a try.  When the perfect dress for a special event can’t be bought, then I design it, make it or have it made. This is how my custom creating started.

My camera’s eye captures the beauty that surrounds us.  I want the world to see what I see and feel the joy it brings.  Every time I create a new card or take a photograph that pleases my eye, my heart sings.

I am ever so grateful.  Join me on my journey. See the world through the eyes the Lord has given me!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.Creations by Alba logo


Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, its the only way to grow!

Lessons Learned

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